The 2021 Decision Series Calendar

The 2021 Decision Series Calendar

The Lantern Group and Behavioral Grooves have teamed up to create the 100 Behaviors 2021 Decision Series Calendar!

Screenshots of 2021 calendar showing a cartoon of the sunk cost fallacy

We’ve boiled 12 of the most common biases and influences that guide our decisions down into a visual and easy to understand 2021 calendar with actionable advice on how to overcome or leverage them. Check it out here and get yours today!

The calendar was designed using insights from behavioral science to help you understand and take action on the underlying influences that guide your behaviors, your decisions, your motivations, your habits, and more.

Calendar hanging on a simple wall above a table with two chairs and a vase of flowers

The 100 Behaviors Project

100 Behaviors is an initiative to help you understand what drives your decisions, motivation & well-being — one behavior at a time. We explore a new behavioral principle every week (often more) on Instagram and Twitter under the handle @100behaviors. We then take deeper dives into each concept within the story to give you practical advice on how to leverage and apply these concepts. Follow along below!

Keep an eye out for the 100 Behaviors book – publishing fall 2020!


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  1. I’m giving it away as a holiday gift for all my nerdy friends! So cool!

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