Start the new year off right by joining us in January at the Nudge it North Conference – a digital Behavioral Science conference taking place on January 8th, 2021.

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The Lantern Group, Behavioral Grooves, Behave MN have collaborated to bring together an all-star cast of speakers that includes industry veterans, world-renowned experts, and amazing new voices in the field.

Keynotes are:

Robert Cialdini, PhD New York TimesWall Street Journal, and USA Today Best-Selling author of “Influence” and “Persuasion”. If you are familiar with the field, this guest needs no introduction.

Annie Duke – Author, speaker, and among the earliest women to earn a World Series of Poker bracelet, Annie now uses those same insights as a reversed decision strategist.

Gary Latham – The co-founder of Goal Setting Theory, Gary has been teaching and researching motivation and goal setting-strategies for close to 20 years. His work on priming – the unconscious influences that guide our decisions – has been acclaimed and his research will leave you amazed at how humans are motivated.

Dr. John Bargh – Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science, and Professor of Management, Ph.D., 1981, University of Michigan. The ACME lab researches the unconscious or implicit influences on social judgment, motivation, and behavior.

In addition to our keynotes, hear amazing insights from: Johnathan Mann, Amy Bucher PhD, Scott Jeffrey PhD,  Brad Shuck PhD, Charlotte Blank, Jez Groom, Prince Ghuman, Jim Gusczca, Dr. Ruben Kline, Aline Holzwarth, and Dr. Christina Gravert!

So, kick off the year right and come join us! Register here, enjoy exclusive early pricing until December 10th – get them before they are gone!