In a continued effort to make behavioral science and behavioral economics more accessible, The Lantern Group and The Behavioral Grooves Podcast are building resources to help you make more informed decisions, understand your influences (and how you influence), understand biases, improve happiness, build better habits and more. This includes a self assessment to help decide which behavioral science or behavioral economics book to read and The 100 Behaviors Project – a weekly exploration of human biases and behaviors. Check them both out below.

Behavioral Learning Self-Assessment

The self-assessment below combines 30+ years of collective experience in behavioral science to help you determine which of our top 40 books will be the most beneficial to you. Take it now and start (or continue) learning! If you have already read the recommendation, reach out in the form below or email with your result and we will recommend 2 or 3 alternates!

The 100 Behaviors Project

Also, check out and follow the exciting “100 Behaviors” project. 100 Behaviors is an initiative to help you understand what drives your decisions, motivation & well being — one behavior at a time. We explore a new behavioral principle every week (often more) on Instagram and Twitter under the handle @100behaviors. We then take deeper dives into each concept within the story to give you practical advice on how to leverage and apply these concepts. Follow along below!

We also do monthly deep dive into these concepts in our monthly email publication the Brilliance Bulletin – join the community here.

Keep an eye out for the 100 Behaviors book – publishing fall 2020!