I admit it, I watched the season premiere of The Bachelor and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know by admitting this I may become a cast off in society but it is an honest statement. I was completely enthralled by the 30 second elevator speeches the women were giving to their possible future husband. In the early days of The Bachelor show there was a simple, “Hello, my name is…” introduction, short and sweet. The latest episode had anything but simple introductions the women introduced themselves with a very clear intention of making a memorable impression. The introductions were a great study to watch in the art of a 30 second creative sales pitch.

Regardless of the gimmick or lack thereof each woman appeared to be motivated by a single focus, to marry The Bachelor. This clear focus drove them to be out spoken, manipulative, create drama, and be vulnerable. It is amazing that one motivating factor can produce such an array of emotions and behaviors.

As a fresh new year begins, it is a great time to tap into the hope, excitement, and energy that can be felt. If 25 women can demonstrate on television their motivating drive to find a husband, anything is possible if you have a clear focus and motivation. So get out there, get creative, get focused, and make 2010 a memorable year!