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We need your thoughts and experiences on change and achieving your goals

We are looking for input from people like you to answer some questions on how you were able to change something in your life or set out and achieve a goal.   We want to understand how you were able to lose weight, get a promotion, start a new hobby, eat healthier, change a bad habit, start a new positive habit, complete a project, etc…).  We are trying to uncover the underlying factors that help people purposefully changed a behavior or attitude.  This research will be used as input to a model of change that we are developing as well as possible inclusion in a book we are writing on the subject.  In the comment section, please share the following:

1) What did you purposefully set out to change or achieve?

2) What was your motivation that drove you to that do this (was their a specific trigger or was it something that you had focused on for a long time)?

3) What were the key actions that you took to achieve that change or result?

4) Did you change things in your environment to achieve this (i.e., move the treadmill into the bedroom or hang a progress chart on the wall)

5) Did you tell people (or a single person) what you were trying to do?

6) Did you set milestones to your goal?

7) Did you measure your progress against those milestones?

8) What was the hardest part about the process?

9) What was the most important part of your change journey?

10) What tips would you give for someone else who is trying to change this aspect of their life?

Leave your response in the comment section 0r send me an e-mail at   – Thank you!

Leadership lessons from a dying Raccoon

RaccoonWe had three very cute  baby Raccoons in our yard last Thursday night.  They were fearless, lost, adorable and wondering around lost without a mother.  Kind of like employees without a good leader…but more on that later.

We went out and watched them as the toddled around the yard and gardens.  They were obviously hungry.  The smallest one could not keep up with its siblings and kept cooing out to them (that’s the only way I could describe it, like a mix between a cat’s “meow” and and owl’s “who”).  The siblings would circle back and rub noses with the smallest one.  They would try to get it to climb the rock wall to the garden or move under the table.  The smallest Raccoon would waddle slowly after them and try to keep up.

But the siblings were hungry and cold themselves and soon enough – they left the smallest one by itself.

The next morning, the smallest one was almost dead by the side of the garage.

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The Bachelor: A Great Study in Motivation and Drive

I admit it, I watched the season premiere of The Bachelor and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I know by admitting this I may become a cast off in society but it is an honest statement. I was completely enthralled by the 30 second elevator speeches the women were giving to their possible future husband. In the early days of The Bachelor show there was a simple, “Hello, my name is…” introduction, short and sweet. The latest episode had anything but simple introductions the women introduced themselves with a very clear intention of making a memorable impression. The introductions were a great study to watch in the art of a 30 second creative sales pitch.

Regardless of the gimmick or lack thereof each woman appeared to be motivated by a single focus, to marry The Bachelor. This clear focus drove them to be out spoken, manipulative, create drama, and be vulnerable. It is amazing that one motivating factor can produce such an array of emotions and behaviors.

As a fresh new year begins, it is a great time to tap into the hope, excitement, and energy that can be felt. If 25 women can demonstrate on television their motivating drive to find a husband, anything is possible if you have a clear focus and motivation. So get out there, get creative, get focused, and make 2010 a memorable year!



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