Remove Motivation Roadblocks: Dig In & Go Within

Remove Motivation Roadblocks: Dig In and Go Within

It seems the job sector cannot win. There are millions across the United States that are currently unemployed and of those that are employed many are not satisfied in their current job. What gives?  

Those individuals who are employed but experiencing low job satisfaction rate can turn around and point fingers at their employers but I suggest that they also take a look within themselves. Granted there are many reasons to point fingers elsewhere. The fact is many workers have been asked to take on extra work from their colleagues whose positions were eliminated, to expand into areas outside of their skill set and comfort level, and to work endless hours and days without any merit or incentive payouts at the end of the year.  So if your employees are not as motivated as they used to be these items above may start to paint a picture for you.

But there are also numerous individuals who have created opportunities for themselves despite their current circumstances.  There have been recent stories in the news of individuals taking on new careers by going back to school, opening up their own business, and branching out from their current job to other opportunities in their company.  So how did they get over their motivation roadblocks?   I surmise they asked some tough questions of themselves and did some soul searching.

This is the time to dig in and go within and find the answers. It takes a lot of energy to accuse and blame the economy, your employer, the President of the United States, etc.  I suggest taking that energy and using it to discover your own motivation roadblocks and create a plan to unblock them and move forward.   


If this does not sound like your current situation but you know someone that might benefit from this article pay it forward and pass it along.  Thank you!



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  1. Good post! Everybody hits road blocks and taking initiative to overcome them reaps much better long-term dividends than finger pointing. We’re all facing tough times which doesn’t give anyone an excuse to bicker but also doesn’t give management an excuse to not engage employees. In tough times, engagement is more necessary than ever.

    • stonesk

      Thank you Hinda for your comment!

      You have hit it; employee engagement will reap longer term rewards not only for the employee but for the organization as well. This is a great opportunity for collaboration and a supportive work environment to examine what is preventing forward movement and blast through the motivation roadblocks.


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