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Building a Positive Workplace that Deals Effectively with Today’s Stresses

Caroline slumps in her chair, stares out her kitchen window, and wonders how it came to this. She looks down at the e-mail from her boss and shakes her head thinking, “She doesn’t understand.”  

The kids are arguing in the background… something about whose turn it was to take out the dog. Looking around the kitchen, she notices that the dishes from last night’s dinner are still in the sink, unwashed. In fact, the whole house is a mess, clothes lying where the kids dropped them, the half-done puzzle pieces litter the table, dirt tracks from the dog across the floor, mail is strewn about the countertop, unopened. The only part of the house that is reasonably orderly, she realizes, is the part right behind her, the part that is seen in the background of her Zoom calls.

She frowns. 

Caroline looks back at the e-mail and reads it again, “Caroline, Hi! Can you give me a call this morning before 11:00? I just got the sales reports in and I need to talk to you about your numbers. ~ Ramona.”  

She sighs; her mind is racing, “I know my numbers are off this quarter, but damnit, things are chaotic right now. How can she expect me to keep up the same pace that we had before?”  Caroline’s heart is racing, and her stomach is twisted into knots. She hasn’t slept well for the past few months and wakes up wondering, “What happens if I lose this job? How will we make it?”   

She takes a deep breath and starts to reach for the phone but stops, and just stares blankly out the window, leaving the phone untouched on the table…    

Handling this new workplace and the stress it puts on your employees requires a new approach to leadership. It requires Leading Human™.

What does it mean to Lead Human?

Leading Human means leading with humility, self-awareness, and a desire for purposeful growth. We are in a time of unprecedented change and transition in business.  

Employees who feel happy and purposeful at work demonstrate higher productivity, increased motivation, and greater feelings of organizational alignment. In the past, we might have perceived the costs of a non-inclusive leader as negligible; in the wake of a global pandemic and unprecedented lifestyle impacts, we have seen firsthand the real difference thoughtful leadership makes, not just in the short term, but also for the reputation and performance of the company in the long term. 

Even during times of crisis, organizations need to be productive and motivated, or output will suffer. It is humans who develop and produce vaccines, who diagnose and treat diseases, who debug the software we rely on to communicate virtually. 

Leading Human helps leaders who manage teams understand how to generate the behaviors that lead to higher productivity, increased motivation, and loyalty. It brings the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary for you to implement a more human-centered workplace that can drive improved performance and employee satisfaction – all backed by the latest insights from behavioral science. 

Ok… so how do I lead Human?

Luckily, we created a playbook for that very purpose, we hope to empower you as a leader and enable you to channel your best, most authentic leadership —a key step in the new workplace environment to optimize your team’s well-being and success

The Leading Human Playbook is an 84-page comprehensive guide to building a positive workplace that deals effectively with today’s anxieties and stresses. The companion Leading Human Workbook takes the science-backed insights detailed within the playbook and allows today’s forward-thinking leaders and organizations to turn those insights into action.

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Grab your copy of the Leading Human Playbook and Workbook today!

Backed by leading experts in the fields of Behavioral Science and Behavioral Economics, Leading Human was created in response to the wholesale changes and disruptions we have all experienced this past year. This roadmap outlines the key steps organizations and leaders must take in order to come back to work successfully and compete in the new world.

Leading Human™ goes beyond just the re-entry from the pandemic and impacts the core of how work will happen in the future. These changes mean that we need to shift the way we lead. Thus, we need to not only understand the stress and emotional factors that our employees face, but we also need to address those factors head-on, creating a more welcoming and safer workplace, develop leadership routines that account for employee emotions, and enhance our leadership communication skills.

Our work with experts in human dynamics and our own expertise in this field allowed us to gather key behavioral insights into an actionable toolkit for managers. Leading Human™ focuses on four key areas that leaders can work on to help drive a successful transition. Our work has shown that Creating Psychological Safety, Building a Team Charter, Implementing Human-Centered Routines, and Charting a Clear Path Forward can make a significant difference in employees’ emotional connection to the company and successful re-entry. The book guides managers through specific rationale on each of those key areas and gives them specific tools to implement some of the ideas.

A collective 40+ years of working with organizations to apply behavioral science for increased performance went into creating these resources. Don’t get left behind in today’s hyper-competitive world –grab your copy here.