Tricks to keep yourself motivated everyday

Tricks to keep yourself motivated everyday

It is hard to keep myself fully motivated everyday. I tend to have days where my motivation keeps me energized and engaged so much that I don’t realize how much time has passed. Then there are other days where I don’t seem to get the wheels turning at all. This is not uncommon. Through the interviews and focus groups we’ve conducted, we’ve found that many people (and groups) go through this ebb and flow of motivation. We tend to have periods where everything is clicking and others where we just can’t get started. The trick is to be able to understand that this happens to all of us, recognize when it is happening, and then put in place some “habits” that can help us get out of the doldrums and back to peak performance.

For me, I’ve found a few “habits” that really help:

1. Get moving. I find that if I can get up and move around for 10-minutes, I come back refreshed and more motivated. We know that moving pumps more blood into our brain, allows us the chance to see new scenery and provides a break from our routine. I try to walk outside if I can or go down and spend 10-minutes on the ellipse. I come back ready to go!

2. Start something.I am a procrastinator. If I can put it off until later – I usually do. However, I find that if I just start something, I can get going on it. I typically start with something small (i.e., write a few lines for the next blog posting, put a rough outline together for the next team call, create the timeline for our next project). What I’ve found is that this can get me going and then I just keep working.

3. Read our Credo (i.e. Mission Statement). At The Lantern Group we have a credo ( that is all about what we believe in. When I re-read the credo it energizes me to think about what it is that we are doing and why. While I don’t expect everyone to have a credo (although it might be a good idea) the same process would apply to reading one’s goals or mission statement. The idea is to refocus on the big picture and re-energize oneself.

Would love to hear how you keep yourself motivated everyday – leave a comment and let us know! Thanks.




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  1. stonesk

    Great tips!
    Another one that I use is to ask a colleague to be an accountability partner. If I am not feeling motivated I call them up and ask them to help me out for the day.

    I state what I want to accomplish in the next 4 hours and then I call them back in 4 hours and let them know what I have accomplished or not.

    This involves two things: 1) I am verbally committing to goals and stating them out load and 2) I have someone who is expecting me to accomplish what I said I would do, a big thing for me.

    Would love to hear more motivational tips from everyone else!


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