Vikings vs. Packers: Favre and the Four Drive Model

I am a resident of Minnesota and have grown up a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. I am not diehard fan but I do appreciate the game of football and enjoy watching a good competitive game.

Tonight is a big night in Monday Night Football, as the Minnesota Vikings face off against their rival the Green Bay Packers. At the heart of tonight’s story is Brett Favre. Most of you know who he is, but if you are not a football fan he used to be the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers for many, many years (and had a guest appearance in “Something About Mary”).  The border battle rivalry and the Favre factor have all the makings of a historic game.

Motivation is written all over this story in the hearts of the players, the fans, and the advertisers it seems everyone has a motive for wanting to be a part of this epic battle.

The Four Drive categories are clearly present in this competitive football match up.  I thought it would be interesting to try to quickly categorize Brett’s motivational profile. 

Here is how the Four Drive Motivational Scorecard shapes up for Brett Favre:

Acquire & Achieve: Winning!  Brett has never won against the Green Bay Packers. A win tonight would be a great achievement!

This drive is also a bit of a mystery for Brett as he turned down a $20 million dollar retirement plan two years ago from Green Bay for not playing – obviously the Acquire (money) component drive isn’t primary.  The need for winning however is key.

Drive Level: Average/High Drive

Bond & Belong: Brett has been a part of the Minnesota Vikings for less than 3 months. He was with the Green Bay Packers for 16 seasons.  This is a tough component for professional sports figures as they tend to move around a lot.  The experience of tonight’s game will help Bond him to the Minnesota Vikings and bring a sense of Belonging to the team and the fans.

Drive Level:  Low Drive

Challenge & Comprehend: Tonight’s matchup is a challenge for Brett. Anytime the Vikings play the Packers it is a challenge that conjures up the best-of- the-best of the players’ skills and talents. Preparing, practicing, and understanding the upcoming match are a part of the challenge.   Getting the adrenaline drive from the competition must have a significant factor for Brett.

 Drive Level:  High Drive

Defend & Define: Brett is out to Defend his character as an iconic quarterback who can still deliver the win. This game will help Define his new legacy as a quarterback with the Minnesota Vikings.

Drive Level:  Average Drive

Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s game the motivational drivers are ever present. If you watch the game tonight fill out your own Four Drive Motivational Scorecard and see how it matches up against Brett’s.

Enjoy the game!