Friday Fun: Become a Reverse Paranoid

Friday Fun: Become a Reverse Paranoid

If you need a little pick me up today, Jack Canfield provides a wonderful reminder in the video below. I enjoy his reverse paranoid aka optimists view of life and turning situations around to see the opportunities vs. the hardships.

It can be a challenge to look at situations and see how in the world they can become opportunities but I am also reminded that through challenges great internal growth can occur.  I am a firm believer in constantly learning and growing. I have had my own shares of ups and downs but with each down I come up over the challenge with a new found knowledge, wisdom, and appreciation for the up times.

I recommend taking 1 minute and 17 seconds out of your day to view the video below. Who knows maybe by the end of the video you too will become a reverse paranoid.

Welcome to the club!


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  1. i just love and respect your help.please expalin the reverse paranoia in detail with examples.thank you.

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