Unwrapping Success: Unique Office Gifting Ideas

Unwrapping Success: Unique Office Gifting Ideas

Unwrapping Success: Unique Office Gifting Ideas

Building Office Bonds: Thoughtful Gifts for the Workplace

The workplace is more than just a space to accomplish tasks; it’s where we spend approximately 30% of our waking hours. It’s often our second home, where we develop both personally and professionally, and where we build connections with others. Thoughtful gifts go a long way in strengthening the bonds between co-workers and bringing a touch of positivity to the office.

Whether you’re a leader searching for unique gifts for your whole team, a spouse looking for something to brighten your partner’s workday, or a co-worker looking for the perfect present to wrap up for this year’s holiday party, we’ve got you covered! Show your appreciation this year using our list of the top unique and thoughtful gifts for the workplace.

#1- Brain/Shift Journal Series

First up on our list, the Brain/Shift Journal Series. The only journals designed by behavioral scientists, that tap into underlying human drives, biases, habits, and behaviors to help you align your focus and achieve your goals. These daily guided journals contain daily reflections and activities designed to help you become more mindful, organized, and focused on what matters most in life.

The first volume within the series focuses on habits and goals. Utilizing psychological principles including priming, goal-activation, commitment devices, habit formation, and gratitude, Brain/Shift provides the tools to break out of the status quo and jump in the driver’s seat toward your future success.  

The second of the series (which was just released in November of this year) focuses on decisions and goals. Learn how to leverage decision science, decision-based biases and heuristics, and implement decision tools to achieve your biggest (and smallest) goals.

These journals are the perfect gift for everyone in the office and beyond! Whether it’s for your boss or colleagues, that busy entrepreneur friend always on the go, teachers, college students, or career-driver relatives, the Brain/Shift Journal series are your gifting go-to this holiday season! Order them individually or save when you bundle and order both!

Oder here: Order Brain/Shift Journal Vol. I

Order Brain/Shift Journal Vol. II

Order Vol. I and Vol. II Bundle

#2- Light Therapy Desk Lamp

The next gift on our list is Doraubia Light Therapy Desk Lamp. This lamp brightens up any office using UV free sun light. Control the brightness using both touch and remote control, set the timer and the color temperature, and get as close to natural light all in the comfort of your office.

This product is designed to bring the benefits of sunlight to those who spend a majority of their time indoors. Helping with natural body and emotion regulation by simulating natural sunlight. We love this product for anyone on your list who is susceptible to seasonal depression, works or spends a lot of time indoors, and any sun lovers looking for summer sun in the chilly winter months.

Doraubia Light Therapy Lamp,10000 Lux UV Free Sun Lamp with Touch & Remote Control, Desk Lamp with Stepless Brightness, Timer and 3 Color Temperatures (Gold)

Order here: Order Doraubia Light Therapy Desk Lamp

#3- Ninja Blast Portable Blender

Next up on our list, the Ninja Blast Portable Blender is a great gift for busy, on-the-go professionals. Enjoy your favorite blended drink anywhere you choose with this compact, self-cleaning blender. This blender comes in a variety of color options to choose from. Perfect for bringing healthy lunch options to the office or for preparing a quick protein shake at the gym. A gift sure to be loved by all on your list this year.

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Order here: Ninja Blast Portable Blender

#4- Adjustable Massage Footrest

Who doesn’t want to add a little more comfort into their work day? With this adjustable footrest and massager, this gift helps alleviate stress and provides comfort during those stressful working hours when it’s needed most. Under 9 pounds and easy to carry dimensions, this product is perfect for travel or for back and forth to the office. Sure to be a hit at this year’s gift exchange!

Order here: Adjustable Massage Footrest

#5- The Behavior Shift 2024 Wall Calendar

The final gift on our list is the newly released Behavior Shift 2024 Wall Calendar. Learn 12 goal and habit based behavioral insights and how to overcome them (or leverage them). Each month focuses on a different behavioral science concept explaining it in an easy-to-understand way. This includes actionable advice on how to overcome it (or in some cases leverage it), a relevant and inspiring quote to put you in the right mindset, and help establishing and maintaining your goals.  

This wall calendar is ideal for anyone looking to increase their productivity and understand their own and others’ behavior better. A gift that is perfect for the upcoming start of the new year! Order a calendar today for your colleagues to start 2024 off organized and prepared to stay on track throughout the year.

Order here: The 2024 Brain/Shift Calendar – Habits & Goals

Thoughtful Gifting Goes a Long Way

Thoughtful gifts go beyond mere formalities, they create positivity and encourage a collaborative work environment. This holiday season, express gratitude, boost morale, and strengthen connections at the office with one of the top unique office gifts from our list.


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