Unleash the Power of Purposeful Decisions

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

On average we make an estimated 35,000 decisions every day. Each decision compounds and impacts the foundation for which our lives are built upon. Often without even knowing it, each decision we make leads to a chain reaction that elicits new opportunities. Focusing on improving the quality of our decisions is vital to our growth – both personally and professionally.

Fatigue, Paralysis, & Regret

Considering the magnitude of decisions we face, it’s no surprise that we often experience roadblocks such as decision fatigue, decision paralysis, and choice overload. Each of these roadblocks can hinder the decision-making process.

When we feel overwhelmed by the number of choices available, the potential impact of our decisions, or when we deplete too much energy on insignificant decisions, our confidence can take a hit and can lead to increased anxiety and stress. The cycle then continues as stress can negatively impact our decision-making abilities. According to the APA, 17% of adults reported difficulty making decisions because of stress.  

We are also prone to experience decision regret at times. People tend to engage in counterfactual thinking by playing out the potential positive outcomes of alternative choices. This can lead us to feel regretful of the choice we made because we are only thinking of the positives and not the lived consequences of alternative options.

With all that can go wrong in the decision-making process, creating a more efficient approach to both small and large decisions can reduce the amount of stress and fatigue surrounding our decisions. It can also enhance the overall quality of our decisions.

What Will You Decide?

We are excited to announce our newest product in the Brain/Shift collection – Decision/Shift. Decision/Shift is a guide backed by behavioral science. It is designed to help you improve your decision-making by focusing on one decision at a time.

Images of printed worksheets with a hand filling in information
Decision/Shift – a 31 page journey to better decisions.

Learn about the behavioral science behind how we make decisions and how to identify the type of decision you are facing.

Understanding which decisions require more thought and consideration and which ones you could be spending too much time on can help you better allocate your time and energy to prevent decision fatigue. After identifying your decision type, choose from the collection of decision-making tools best aligned to your situation.

 A structured approach can make all the difference when navigating uncertainty, weighing your options, considering the risks and benefits, and understanding potential outcomes. Shift your approach to decision-making with Decision/Shift!


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