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1 lost commercial – 1 big teachable moment

This past summer I was conducting a team building program  for a company that does some fantastic work helping other companies work more effectively.  We conducted an event that had teams create sixty-second commercials that highlighted who they were, what value they brought and why somebody would use their services.  We consciously give them a lot of information and very limited time to make their commercials.   They had to do rush to get this done.

We told them that they needed to work together, be creative, and focus on quality…we emphasized how the little details matter.   As you will see, the little things really do matter.

One team accidentally taped over their commercial and had a little over sixty seconds of film that showed feet walking…

We took this as an opportunity to show how important the small details are.  We created the following video that was shown to the entire team at the video showings.  It was a fantastic teachable moment and one that was a highlight of the meeting.  The group discussed how easy it is for things like this to happen and what needed to be done to make sure that these types of errors didn’t crop up.

Take a look and let us know what you think…

By the way, the team re-shot the commercial and it was fantastic along with the others…shows you how adversity can bring out the best in us sometimes….

Employee Motivation in 3 Steps (or maybe a few more)

This is a great video that highlights some key things that companies can do to engage their employees. Love its fun presentation. I would add in there are some other aspects beyond the three that this video talks about that can help engage participants (look to enhance bonding, building challenge and comprehension into the work environment, and creating an organizational culture that you would want to defend) – but these suggestions are a great start!

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