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Left Brain versus Right Brain

Love this! Great visual that highlights the difference between our right brain and left brain thinking styles…

This is another good visualization too

Just remember, we all have a full brains!  That means that we are both right and left brain thinkers.  Make sure you tap into both sides of your brain.


Do you need a mini-sabbatical?


Behavior is what matters


  1. Good work Kurt. Very interesting…as you age, do you find yourself leaning more toward your preferred side? I find that a left brain thought-partner is needed to help me bring out the critical thinking side of my style. working together…that’s the key.

  2. Paul,
    I’ve always been more of a right brain individual. What I find is that I need to focus my attention more when I’m needing to do left-sided elements. Having a good partner that compliments you in these areas is a great approach that can help out.

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