Do You Have Wisdom You Could Share With Small Businesses? We Need You!

Do you have wisdom you could share with small businesses? We need you!

As noted before – I am on the board of the non-profit Economic Growth Centers in Minneapolis (  We are looking for experts and leaders who have some wisdom to share.

Economic Growth Centers (EGC) is focused on strengthening the economic vitality of Twin Cities communities and neighborhoods.  We do this through helping small businesses grow and prosper.

Small companies are the engines of economic growth for the USA – yet they do not have many of the human or economic resources that larger firms do.

Our goal is to create a library of on-line training presentations that can be accessed at any time for free by small business owners, managers, and employees.   By providing small business leaders and employees with the skills and information that they need to prosper, Economic Growth Centers is helping them grow revenue, increase buying, add employees, and build out infrastructure, thus increasing the economic vitality of the Twin Cities Metro area as well as other communities across the country.

We are looking for  experts in various fields to volunteer to host our training seminars. By volunteering your time and expertise you are helping these small businesses grow and prosper.   The library will be focused around key developmental areas that small businesses need to grow:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Human Resources
  • Financial
  • Strategy
  • Legal / Regulatory

The success of this endeavor depends on ensuring that we have a robust offering of meaningful courses – I would encourage anyone who is interested in presenting to contact me at or at 612-396-6392 to get further information.

Please share this with people you know who you think might be a good fit.  Thank you!



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  1. And how do we sign up?

  2. thelanterngroup


    The EGC Program Director – Tom Reynolds will coordinate with people.

    Basically we are looking for experts to create a 30-minute presentation that we will shoot and put out on the EGC website that focuses on an area that can help a small business succeed. Additionally, we would want to have a checklist for the small business – the key learning points from the presentation that they could download.

    If interested, I’ll have Tom give you a call.

    Thanks buddy!

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