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A New Motivational Model Using the 4-Drives: Upcoming in 2011

Ok, this is a little bit of a teaser…we are in the process of doing a major overhaul of how we look at the 4-Drive Model.  We’ve talked about the need to update this model before (see here and here).  We are underway in getting that developed and should be launching it the first quarter of 2011.

Here is a sneak peak…the four main motivations as we’ve defined them are now renamed and constitute different elements:

1.  Personal Motivation- focus on the intrinsic motivators that we have and encompasses the Drive to Challenge & Comprehend

2. Reward Motivation- focus is on the extrinsic motivators that we have and encompasses the Drive to Acquire & Achieve

3. Social Motivation- focus is on the social drives that motivate us and includes the Drive to Bond & Belong

4. Passion Motivation (this name is still being hotly debated – but for now its what we are running with)… – focus is on the motivational element of purpose and passion – including defending one’s honor and tribe

We are developing out more comprehensive definitions for each of these based on the research that is available.  We are also planning on doing some pressure testing of this with actual clients (anyone interested in volunteering their organization?  You would be getting some work for free!).

Initial work with this new model helps alleviate many of the downfalls we felt were with the 4-Drive Model.  We are very excited about launching it out to the world!

Would love initial reactions and thoughts!  Leave a comment below…


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