What lies beneath the pretty package?

What lies beneath the pretty package?

View this commercial that was produced by Dove back in 2006.


Watching this got me to thinking about some of what we do with our communication campaigns for incentives.  Are we indulging ourselves in a similar process where we “pretty up” what would be a pretty bland plan?  Do we in effect create a false sense of reality if we do this?  Do we “photoshop” our way to making something look different than what it really is?

I hope not.

But I wonder…if someone where to look at how we promote some plans, would they say, “wait a minute – that’s not what it really looks like.”

Where is our truth in advertising?

We need to do a reality check and to have some standards.  Here is my take at those standards (would love for your input as well):

1.  Don’t “photoshop” reality. In other words, don’t misrepresent what is real.  Don’t say that everyone can earn more than target, when in fact, we know that isn’t the case.

2.  Use “make-up” but use it wisely.  Make-up can be used to enhance or draw attention to features that are already there – this is good.  What is not good, is when it is used to cover up flaws.  We need to make sure that we are using communication to highlight key features and benefits, but not to “spin” elements and cover up flaws.

3.  Make sure the whole picture is painted. Communication is as much about what is said as about what is not said. Make sure that we don’t paint a picture that only focuses on just the rosy parts of a plan and ignores the parts that might be controversial or difficult.

4. Make sure you can peel back the layers. It is good to get people excited about something, but make sure you back it up with enough information so they can fully understand what the plan is and how the plan works.

Would love your thoughts on this. Click on “Leave a Comment” and let us know any ideas that you might have on how to make sure we have “truth in advertising”



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  1. I really appreciate what your saying in your article. What I’m finding in my personal discovery work is that people are ready to dive deeper, to create a better relationship with their own wisdom and truth.

    I believe this is crucial in any strategy or campaign. The power of the communication comes from alignment and clarity.

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