Knowing where you are going is critical in today’s topsy turvy economy. Does the organization you are working for have a clear direction? If they do not, there is no telling if what you are doing on a day to day basis is the right path and you might feel like you are fumbling along the many detours along the way.

Take a moment this week and get clear on your personal motivators as well as your organization’s motivators.  Sometimes employees are frustrated by the fact that they are going along day after day doing things that they have no idea how they impact the business or how important their contributions are to the organization.  If 100 people are working within the organization and 10 know exactly how their daily contributions impact the organization and the other 90 do not have any idea, everyone is missing out on a huge opportunity not just the 90 who are off course. 

Start with asking yourself, “Do I know how my daily work activities contribute to the organization’s success?” and alternatively, “Are there any of my daily work activities that are detracting away from the organization’s success?”

Check in and make sure you are clear on how your work activities are impacting the organization. Also, get clear on what your personal motivators are for your current employment.  Sometimes we shy away from the tough and confusing questions because we are afraid of the answers. Shying away from what is hiding in the shadows will only add more clouds and confusion to your world not increase the clarity of your world.  If you are unable to answer the questions above then seek out the answers, it is up to you. 

 “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll probably end up someplace else”
– Yogi Berra