Today I’m Grateful For: Groundhog Day

Today I’m Grateful For: Groundhog Day

Being from Minnesota and the fact that we are receiving yet another few inches of snow (we hit our average snowfall for the entire season around the 1st of January) I am very grateful that Groundhog Day is just around the corner. While not much into the actual predictive measures of a groundhog seeing it’s shadow to predict how long winter will last…the date itself brings the promise of Spring.

I am very ready for it (as is my snowblower).


The power of a “thank you”


Dr. Suess and Star Wars – what a combination


  1. I love winter!!

    • I love winter too – skiing, skating, sledding (went to a very cool sledding event yesterday – Powderhorn park’s annual ART SLED RALLEY – very cool). I don’t even mind the cold.

      However, I am looking forward to not having to shovel and to see some green again…but once summer rolls around, I’ll be missing Winter.

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