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Today I Am Grateful For: For being up at 5:00 AM on a Sunday

It is the 5:00 AM on a Sunday morning and I am down on my computer instead of sleeping because my five year old came up into bed about an hour ago because he woke up from a nightmare.  While I would like to be sleeping right now, he tends to toss and turn and kick and make funny noises when he sleeps – which makes my sleeping rather difficult.  So I tried – for an hour to fall back to sleep while beside me lay a squirmy five year old who snores.

Needless to say, I’m now down at my computer typing away.

But I’m thankful for that.  I’m thankful that my son is sleeping, nightmare free in my bed.  I’m grateful that he still is young enough to come up into our bed when he is scared.  That he is young enough to believe that his parents can stop any kind of monster.

Soon enough those days will be gone and I’ll be looking back on them with a fondness for the “good ol’ days.”

I will have forgotten that I’m tired.  I will have forgotten that my back is sore from trying to lay on my side on the edge of the bed and not fall off for an hour.  I will have forgotten all these things and remember only that my son felt safe and loved in my care.

So now I enjoy this early morning.  I might get less sleep.  I might need to take a nap later today (its ok, it is Sunday).  But I enjoy them and am grateful for these small inconveniences.  Right now he is sleeping soundly because he feels that he is protected and loved.

Today I Am Grateful For: A Crying Baby

I am thankful for my crying baby at 4:30 AM.


I had gotten up to let the meowing cat out at 3:30 AM – again.  Needless to say I wasn’t too happy.  Then I couldn’t fall back asleep – now I’m even less happy.  I end up tossing and turning thinking about what I have to do today and how I need my sleep and I’m getting more and more frustrated.   And then to top it off, our 11-month old baby starts to cry…

I go down to her room and pick her up out of the crib and she immediately starts to calm down – the crying subsides.  I hold her and rock her for 10 minutes and she is fast asleep on my chest, her hand outstretched over my heart.  She is breathing in and out peacefully as we sway back and forth in the rocking chair.

All the frustration and bitterness that I had earlier is gone.  I am looking down at her face as she is sleeping and a wave of peaceful joy passes through me.  Finally, after a long time, I place her gently back in her crib sleeping soundly.

Thank you, thank you, thank you….

What are you grateful for?  Let us know by clicking on “leave a comment” below.

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