I am too much of an analytic to play the Lotto much.  The odds are just not there for me to spend my money on.  I might as well take my dollar and throw it out the car window – at least that way, somebody might find it and get some use out of it.

However, while I don’t play much – on occasion I do.

It is on these occasions that I make it a rule to play a game that I call “The Lotto Game.”  It involves spending time dreaming about what I would do with the money if I won.  Would I go out and buy a bunch of things?  Would I take a trip around the world?  Give it away to charity?

I can spend hours visualizing what I would do with my millions.  This way I feel that I am getting something for my money – the entertainment value of the dreaming.

The rules are easy:

1.  Spend a relative amount of time dreaming to the amount spent on the Lotto tickets (i.e., $5 = 30 minutes, $10 = 60 minutes) – You have to get your money’s worth…of course.

2. Think about specifics and visualize – no vague generalities (i.e., “I’d give some to charity” or “I would travel a lot”) but specifics (i.e., “I would give $XXXX to the Rotary Foundation to help water issues in Haiti” or “I would spend a month in Tuscany in a villa enjoying the wine country and visiting the museums”)

3.  Figure out how to achieve your dreams (or the important aspects of those dreams) without winning the Lotto

So how does this relate to motivation

When we visualize what we want, our motivation is stronger.  The Lotto Game forces us to visualize our dreams.  Which in turn helps not only clarify what those dreams are, but also helps us keep focus and passion around them.

What I like about this game is that the dreams I identify tend to underlie important ideals for me.  In other words, this game, helps me identify what my underlying motivators and drives are.  My dream of giving a million dollars to the Rotary Foundation is really about my drive to feel like I’m giving back to the world through charity.  I can find ways to meet this need today.  Playing the Lotto Game is a way to help me really understand what is important.  My month long dream of a villa in Tuscany is more about creating an escape and relax than it is about Tuscany itself.

By understanding those underlying desires, I can start figuring out ways to achieve those dreams now – without winning the Lotto.  I might not be able to give a $1,000,000 to the Rotary Foundation – but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t increase my giving this upcoming year.  I might not be able to take a month off and go to Italy and live in a Villa – but I could start planning my next get away and figuring out what I need to do to achieve that.

Start Today

Using the Lotto Game as a way to help visualize my dreams helps motivate me to achieve my desires.   Can it help you?  Can it help your team?  Really, for a buck or two you can go out and try.  Buy a Lotto (or Powerball) ticket and dream a little.  Ask yourself  “what would I do if I won?”  And then start making your dreams reality.

I know that that is an investment that I would make.  And who knows, if you win the Lotto you can make your dreams happen all that much sooner…

Leave a comment and let us know what your dreams are…

PS – this game is even better if you do it with your spouse or significant other.  It helps you clearly understand their dreams as well as developing some mutual goals.