In the past three months I have had increased exposure to death. I know just what you wanted to read about this morning as you are enjoying your favorite beverage but death is a part of life – albeit a part that most of us try to ignore and avoid for as long as possible.  But because of these last three months I could not just sit back and become numb to this thing called death; I had to look at it, dissect it, and of course learn from it. I invite you to come along on this investigative journey; you never know what you might uncover for yourself.

Death is either an extremely complex topic or beautiful in its simplicity.  It all depends upon on the situation. Sounds like a classic consulting answer, “Well yes, we can help you, but it depends upon the situation.” Ok I digress, see even as I write this blog article my instincts are to avoid death; even writing about death.  Boy it is a sneaky bugger.  

One of the areas I took a look at was death and motivation.  Death can also be a huge de-motivator: you can feel stuck, shocked, and just plain old icky. Yes, that is a scientific term, icky. However, death can also be an incredible motivator.  When we think about what legacy we leave behind after we die, we can feel motivated to change what we are currently doing.  I chose to look at death as a motivator because I prefer looking at the world through the eyes of an optimist.

Here is what I have uncovered so far about death as a motivator:

Fear to Courage:

Fear is at the top of the list of paralyzing emotions. It can do really nasty things to your thoughts, body, and actions. It is an emotion that can protect us at its best or completely kill off who we are at its worst. Death is the trump card to fear, for most people, is there a fear more frightening than death?

 Death can motivate us to move through fear to courageous actions:

  • having the courage to do all of the things you have been putting off,
  • having the courage to speak your truth,
  • having the courage to overcome bad habits,
  • having the courage to live your dreams,
  • and having the courage to live your best life.

What courageous acts have you been putting off because you have been paralyzed by fear?

Hesitation to Going for the Gold

Sometimes in life we hesitate, we sabotage our own actions before we even move forward with them. Death is a powerful motivator as it clears out any hesitations that may be around as you come face to face with the all knowing reality that life is short.  Lack of movement or any hesitation is a waste of precious time and there is no time like the present to go for the gold.

In what areas of your life are you hesitating to go for the gold?

Complex to Simple

Life can be full of complexities that are sometimes hard to sift through to uncover where we should be focusing our time both professionally and personally.  Death is a keen motivator on taking very complex lives and simplifying them down to the basics.

Death can motivate one to simplify life’s complexities:

  • Review  your priorities professionally and personally
  • Where are you spending the most of your time and energy?
  • Are you fully utilizing your skills and talents?
  •  What do you really need to be happy?

What areas of your life would benefit from some simplicity?

These are just a few of the many motivators death can bring forth. The key thing is to not shy away from the pain or sadness that many times comes with death but to have the courage to feel what you need to feel and then to simply go for the gold and live your best life.