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Monday started like any other day for Catherine. She arrived at work, turned on her computer, scrolled through 100 emails or so, and checked her voicemail. Before coming into work today she felt fine in fact Catherine was singing in her car, smiling, and quite happy.  But after her initial morning routine was completed she found herself staring at the computer screen, not moving like a wax statue and before she knew it 10 minutes had past. She shook it off and wondered what is wrong with me?

She thought to herself,“Why am I just bla, I have no energy, where is the zip I had this morning when I was singing in the car?”

Catherine glanced over at her coworker, who was crazy busy shuffling papers to and fro and looking like at any moment she might collapse from exhaustion. Catherine rolled her chair over to Diane’s cube and asked, “What is wrong with me, my morning was going great and now I don’t feel so well. I have no energy and I caught myself staring at my computer screen for 10 minutes, this is not normal.”

Diane kindly smiled and said, “Awe, I know what is happening, you have a virus called lack of motivationitis, I heard it has been going around the office lately.”


Lack of motivationitis is not a real scientifically vouched for virus but the signs and symptoms of an unmotivated workforce are just as toxic as any real virus. Motivationitis can spread and corrupt an organization quietly and without warning. You may have experienced the symptoms yourself;

  • no energy
  • no focus
  • lack of concentration
  • inability to make a decision
  • distracted easily
  • you make a to do list and that is your accomplishment for the day

Do you recognize yourself in any of the descriptions?

What do you do when you feel a lack of motivation taking over your work day?

Do you succumb to it or do you change your perspective and persevere?

When your motivational drive is in the tank sometimes a change is needed in the form of routine, tasks, or environment.  The solution(s) can vary but if you concentrate on moving forward instead of staring at the computer screen you will be able to move forward, eventually clearing out the last remnants of the motivationitis virus.