Motivation Monday Tip: Honesty

Motivation Monday Tip: Honesty


Today’s Motivation Monday Tip requires an honest look at identifying 5 specific things that will motivate you and/or your team this week to excel.


Sometimes it can be hard to ask for feedback but today’s tip could really help your team soar this week! Schedule a 30 minute motivation meeting this week to have an honest conversation with your team on what motivates them.  

  • Ask your team, “Name 5 specific things that I can do as your manager to help support and encourage you this week to make our [insert relevant project/goal here] a huge success!”


It is time to stop procrastinating and honestly look at the tasks/projects that you are not motivated to do this week. Schedule a 15 minute motivation meeting for yourself this week. 

  • Ask yourself the following question, “What 5 things can I do this week to move forward the tasks/projects that I have the least motivation around?”


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  1. Lindsay

    Honesty is always the best policy! Tried and true! There are three things you cannot hide: the sun, the sky and the truth.

    – Lindsay

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