So how do you perceive the world?  Attitude has a lot to do with motivation – or is it that motivation has a lot to do with attitude? 

Half Full Perception

We have officially hit our high season at The Lantern Group.  The media may be talking about gloom and doom in the economy but our high season has returned like summer turning into fall.  We are busy.  Our funnel is full.  We are grateful and appreciative for the work that we are engaged in and the clients we are working with during a time of uncertainty in our world. 

Half Empty Perception

We have officially hit our high season at The Lantern Group.  We are busy.  Time is too short and our clients want things faster and cheaper than ever before.   It is going to mean late nights and long hours to get everything done.  Plus we have more projects in the pipeline.  How are we ever going to get through this and stay sane?

When opportunities arrive at your doorstep, which lens do you look through, the lens of half full or half empty? 

Some factors that might influence your perspective include:

  • how do you set goals and drive toward achievement
  • do you work as a team to reach the goal line
  • do you try to learn new skills and add new products to fulfill customer needs
  •  do you focus on the big picture and look towards the future
  • have you spent time upfront looking at how to streamline your work and focus in on what you do better than anybody else and get rid of the fluff
  • have you asked your employees what would they do if they were running the company and then listen

How do you perceive the world today half full or half empty?

We would love to hear from you, let us know how you perceive the world by adding a comment below.