Lay Offs and Motivation: Lemons or Lemonade?

Lay Offs and Motivation: Lemons or Lemonade?

What motivates one person to take lemons and make lemonade and another person just sees lemons? I recently came across a movie trailer for the movie, “Lemonade – It’s not a pink slip. It’s a blank page.”

Erik Proulx had the idea to document and share the stories of several individuals in the advertising industry who had been let go from their jobs. It is a story of how each one looked at the lay off as an opportunity to pursue something else, possibly a forgotten dream.  It is a fascinating take on what motivates different individuals.

The lemonade community all share a common thread of being laid off which has a ripple effect of bonding together a group of individuals from all over the world. They support each other, share their stories, and provide a safe space for dormant dreams to be re-ignited and acted upon.

Enjoy the movie trailer!


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  1. I love seeing “glass half full” stories. These are harder and harder to come by nowadays. It’s much easier for people to be cynical towards hard times than to look at things like layoffs as not so much a door closing but possibly an even better door opening

    • stonesk

      Thank you Hinda!

      Great to hear from you and thank you for leaving a comment. I too enjoy hearing stories that are on the lighter side of things. It is hard enough some days to roll out of bed and face the world with all of the negativity in the media. It is nice to balance things out with a positive story or two.

      Wishing you a wonderful day!

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