We typically talk about motivation in this blog – but not today.  Today I’m recommending a cool blog that I’m following called metacool by Diego Rodriquez –  http://metacool.typepad.com/metacool/.  Diego is a design guy.  He talks about design and is inspired by design. What is truly fascinating though, is the 21 principles he has been developing around innovation.  Here are his words about that:

These principles are intended to underpin a general theory of innovation.  They are not meant to be principles of design thinking, though some of them are obviously closely related to the theory and practice of design thinking.  Inspired by the simplicity work of my friend John Maeda, I’m trying to figure out what I think and know at this point in my life when it comes to all things innovation.

He is through 17 of them so far.  They apply to more than just design (as he states) – they can be applied across disciplines.  This is where it becomes very cool.  How do we innovate around motivation?  Take principle number 1, how do I “experience the world  and not just talk about experiencing the world” In other words, “How do I experience motivation, and not just talk about motivation.”  This is key to innovating (as Diego has pointed out).  If we are to truly innovate around developing better ways of motivating, we need to experience motivation and not just take this and that piece from various theory’s.

I encourage everyone to go out and look at Diego’s blog and to think about the current 17 principles.  I know that I am.