What happens when each of the Four Drives is fully engaged?  Passion.

Passion is a very powerful and emotional motivator.  You may have heard of the organization called, Kiva, if not, it is a nonprofit organization that connects mico lenders to those who need mirco loans in developing countries around the world. Matt and Jessica Flannery had a concept in mind to bring together small business owners in developing countries with people around the world that would be willing to invest and help their business flourish.  This was a new concept that had never been tried before so it was groundbreaking and probably a bit scary.  But they were probably motivated by more than just the thought of doing something good for the world.  They had passion.

Turning a dream into reality can take a lot of hard work, perseverance, and no holds bar passion.  Let’s take a look at what happens when the Four Drive Model is fully engaged to fulfill a dream.

Drive to Acquire & Achieve: The Kiva founders had a clear goal, to link business owners in developing countries with micro lenders across the world.  Having a clear goal on what you want to achieve is critical because it describes the end result. In addition, the more specific the goal is the better, adding dates and measures of success are shown to have an increase in goal fulfillment.

Drive Bond & Belong: This drive is engaged because of the incredible opportunity to have human beings help each other out in service of something bigger. This is the Drive to Bond & Belong at its finest.  Individuals who do not know each other are helping one another out where they can for not only financial support but emotional support as well.  The sharing of stories of where the money is coming from and what it allowed the business owner to do are incredible bonding moments.

Drive Comprehend & Challenge: To create a brand new, never seen before business concept definitely engages learning and growth opportunities.  Similar to the pioneers that went West in search of gold, to explore new territory in the arena of giving and receiving would be scary but exhilarating all at the same time. I am guessing when things got tough or it was hard to see the end, the founder’s initial goal was able to help get them back on the right track and keep moving forward.

Drive Define & Defend: This was an opportunity to define a new way of helping and servicing a population that had great potential. The ripple effect is incredible and as the first donation came in to help the business owner something took place. This exchange was not only monetary but it was emotional it was a connection that formed across continents. The business owners and micro lenders formed a tribe, a grouping of individuals bound together by something bigger then themselves that they would defend if ever confronted by anyone.

Passion, when engaged fully has each of the Four Drives fueling the fire. It also allows one to help move the passion forward from conception to implementation by giving a framework for breaking down the different areas of motivation and drive.

Never underestimate the motivating fuel of passion.  From a stem of a dream, the fuel of passion, something new is brought into the world. 


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