I came across this video awhile back but a friend recently sent me the video again and I was reminded of the impact and the speed of technology on learning.  One of the Four Drives, the Drive to Comprehend & Challenge is definitely engaged during this video.  It is about 4 minutes in length and it leaves a lasting impression.

The video I believe is from 2008, but the information and impact remains powerful. The human brain has been shown to be capable of much more than we are currently using on a daily basis. If technology continues to grow as shown in the video somehow are brains are going to have to catch up. If not, we may become a nation of super computers that end up doing the computational and analysis for us. Wait a minute doesn’t that happen already? Is our nation turning into a real life Sci-fi movie?

The Drive to Comprehend & Challenge motivated the innovators on the technology forefront, now we need to understand what are the implications for not only us, but for the younger generation.


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