Day 7: Creative Use for a Common Problem

Here is a recap so far of the 12 Days of My Mug and Me:
Day 1: Favorite Coffee Shop Drink
Day 2: Anyone Care for a Cuppa Tea?
Day 3: Eggnog Shake and a Smile
Day 4: Unleaded Cocktails Anyone?
Day 5: Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Day 6: No Soup For You?

Today’s Travel Mug  use flourishes in creativity; it uses what you have in place of something you do not have around your office or cubicle.

What’s in the Mug?
Today’s mug contains a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Have you ever run errands during lunch and saw a beautiful bouquet of flowers but realized you do not have a vase back at your work place? Well here is a quick and easy solution. Grab your travel mug, fill it up with water, and stick the flowers in the mug. This is a great place for the flowers to hang out until they need to make their trip home. If you need a little cheering up around your office then leave the flowers in the mug and keep the flowers at work. What a great way to cheer yourself up and those around you with a bright bouquet of flowers.

Did you know?
·         Poinsettias are native to Mexico
·         California is the top poinsettia producing state
·         There are over 100 varieties of poinsettias available.
·         A fresh poinsettia is one on which little or no yellow pollen is showing on the flower clusters in the center of the bracts. Plants that have shed their pollen will soon drop their colorful bracts

Great Gift Idea
A fresh bouquet of flowers arranged inside an RU Motivated Travel Mug, would bring a smile to anyone’s face.  Pick up your colleague’s or friend’s favorite flowers and arrange them in the travel mug with a little water and you have created an easy, thoughtful, and beautiful gift. For an extra touch include a gift card to a local greenhouse or floral shop for them to enjoy at their leisure.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday! See you tomorrow for Day 8.

Susan and T-Mug

(Pictures: Purchased flowers and Travel Mug, but where is the vase? Problem solved, using the RU Motivated Travel Mug as a vase, perfect!)

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