Day 4: Unleaded Cocktails Anyone?

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Happy Mid-Week Everyone and Welcome Snow to Minnesota! I hope you have been having a great week and enjoying the Mug and Me series.

Today’s Travel Mug use involves channeling your inner bartender. My inner what you say? How many of you have ever dreamed of creating a nonalcoholic cocktail that is named after you? Shirley Temples are still a big hit for young and old! Don’t be shy, today is all about creativity and customizing the perfect nonalcoholic cocktail for your holiday gift giving.

What’s in the Mug?
A cool, crisp, and refreshing unleaded cocktail – “Cranberry Winter Breeze”.  Ok, so I just made that name up but that is part of the fun. This has been a holiday favorite in my family for years for those that like their cocktails on the nonalcoholic side.

Cranberry Winter Breeze (Nonalcoholic)


¾ Cranberry Juice

¼ Sprite (Any sparkling soda would work, whatever you have on hand)

Ice Cubes

Place ice cubes into the Travel Mug. Pour in the Cranberry Juice first, followed by the Sprite, then stir to mix. Enjoy!

Did you know?
Our Minnesota neighbor, Wisconsin is the leading producer of cranberries in the United States. Massachusetts is the second larger producer.


Great Gift Idea
Create a customized nonalcoholic cocktail kit for your friends or colleagues. Include the following, An RU Motivated Travel Mug, Customized Nonalcoholic Cocktail Recipe named and created especially for your friend or colleague, and Ingredients for them to make their one of kind nonalcoholic cocktail. This one of a kind gift will be a big hit!

Good luck with your customized nonalcoholic cocktails. If anyone has any great nonalcoholic cocktail recipes to share send them my way I would love to hear about them.

Have a great day. Looking forward to tomorrow and Day 5!

Susan and T-Mug

(Pictures: Ingredients for the Cranberry Winter Breeze,  Making the festive beverage, Enjoying the Customized Nonalcoholic Cocktail at my desk – Cheers! Yes, that is a Mickey Mouse lamp)

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