Day 11: An Apple a Day will Keep the Doctor Away

Here is a recap so far of the 12 Days of My Mug and Me:
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Day 10: Granola Loving Camping People

Today’s Travel Mug  use is for young and old alike. It is healthy and nutritious and it may keep the doctor away. 

What’s in the Mug?
Hot apple cider from the local apple orchard. The trick is to warm up the apple cider in a microwave safe container or on the stovetop in a pan and then pour the apple cider into the Travel Mug. Place the lid on the Travel Mug and you have created a wonderful beverage to keep you warm on your holiday travels to see friends and family.

Did you know?

·         The science of apple growing is called pomology

·         25 percent of an apple’s volume is air, that’s why they float

Great Gift Idea
This is a great gift for any apple lover who enjoys the fresh taste of apple cider and supports locally grown produce. An RU Motivated Travel Mug, fresh apple cider from a local apple orchard, and a gift certificate to the apple orchard to be enjoyed next fall when the apples are in season.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend of health and happiness.  I will see you for the last day of the series, Day 12, on Monday, December 21, 2009.

Susan and T-Mug

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