Celebrations mark important milestone in organizations from project completions to recognizing employees for the number of years employed by the organization.

Like motivation, the process and appreciation of celebrating can vary from individual to individual.

Are you the type of person who loves or loathes the public display of celebrating your birthday at a chain restaurant? Come on, you know you want to try on the big sombrero and have your picture taken with 8 strange restaurant employees while you blow out a birthday candle on a sweet treat. You may have guessed from my past blog articles that I would be in the “love” column for public birthday celebrations. I love enrolling others in the restaurant to join in the celebration! The noisier, more obnoxious, and joyous the celebration the more I light up like a big bright star and shine with happiness.

But alas, not everyone enjoys what I like.  Despite how much I try and enroll others in a little Happy Birthday dance I understand that this type of celebration is not for everyone.  Remember that everyone is different and some may LOVE or LOATHE your company celebrations and there rarely is an in-between emotion.  I encourage you to take a look at how your organization celebrates: does it come off as something that needs to be done to check it off some master celebration to do list or is it genuine and personalized to the intended recipients?

Celebrations can be as simple as a meaningful phone call to congratulate an employee on something they did well that week or they can be full organization wide productions. Regardless of how big or small the celebration is keep  in mind that celebrations are like motivation in that every person has individual preferences and will react and appreciate the act of celebrating in a different manner.

Celebrating is natural and when done right can leave lasting, positive impressions on your organization and employees.


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