A couple of weeks ago a day of celebration occurred at my house,  it was my Birthday which actually goes for more than one day it turns into a week of celebrating with friends and family. 

As I went about celebrating my Birthday, I enjoyed my FREE Birthday gifts from a couple of businesses.  The search for the FREE Birthday gift has become somewhat of a tradition and badge of honor to see what you can ‘rake’ in for FREE on your Birthday amongst my family members.   I have no problem walking into a place of business and proclaiming that ‘today is my Birthday’ which implies that I would like to be treated extra special during my visit.  A few of you may completely understand this line of behavior while others are probably thinking wow she is really off her rocker.  Regardless of what line of thought you align with the fact remains that I have high expectations for my business interactions on my Birthday. 

The businesses I visited did not disappoint and shared their enthusiasm and kind gestures of FREE Birthday goodies.  So what does this have to do with motivation? Everything.

The businesses that I frequented during my Birthday were ones that I know very well and I have become a loyal customer to throughout the year.   I have a variety of choices of businesses that I can go to for similar products and goods but I choose to go to the ones that are motivated to treat me well not only on my Birthday but the other ‘normal’ days of the year. 

Buying local has become the ‘in’ thing to do but it really is an old concept renewed and one that seems growing in neighborhoods across the country.  The smile that may greet you when you visit your local coffee shop, the waitress seating you at ‘your table’ at your favorite breakfast haunt, and the local grocery store that bags up your groceries and walks them to your car are all just small examples of what motivates customers to come back time and time again.  

The world today is fast and technology enabled tools seem to be our main source of human contact.  What motivates me to declare a day ok a week of celebration for my Birthday? The Drive to Bond & Belong with others to share a joyful smile, sing a song or two, and to be connected to others in the simplest of ways by smiling and laughing together.


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