An Inside Look at Employee Motivation

An Inside Look at Employee Motivation

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Celebrate! Another goal has been reached we have entered the Twitteruniverse – @WhatMotivates.

This is an exciting time at the Lantern Group as we embark on several new adventures.  Adventures that will hopefully position us to be more effective in helping companies engage their workforce; in expanding our knowledge and understanding of motivation; and in creating a workplace where we can grow and prosper.

Our process of transformation began back in March 2009. Despite the down turn in the economy our rock star leader decided it was the perfect time to retool, check in on our dreams, and decide on what is next for The Lantern Group as an organization. The company has enjoyed success and we have worked with great clients, but what was next?

Our team of three (along with their wonderful spouses) met in sunny Mexico, what a great place to dream, vision, and tap into what motivates and drives us as an organization. We determined that it was time to make a pretty dramatic shift to really tap into what drives and motivates us – employee motivation.

Employee motivation is not a new concept, it has been around a long time but what has excited us is incorporating and enhancing what we already know with a new motivational theory – the four drive theory. This theory is practical, provides a language around employee motivation, and it integrates well with other great theories. We discussed, set goals, including those stretch goals, and created a plan.

We left Mexico excited and ready to embark on a new journey.  Four months have passed and we have been rocking our goals, oh and continuing with our client work of course!

So what have we accomplished in the past four months, here is a sampling:

  • Expanded Research: We studied the 4-Drive Model, extended how it can be used inside companies, conducted a number of employee interviews, and found our niche.
  • Brand New Website: Currently in development – to be released to the world very soon!
  • The Lantern Group Blog: What Motivates You was created and is live! Check out the great posts:
  • Twitter: Officially became members of the Twitteruniverse. Come along and follow us @WhatMotivates
  • Product Development: A lot of great new products are being developed behind the scenes, we may need some ‘testers’ in the future so be on the lookout for announcements!
  • Cool Merchandise: Yes, we are developing some rocking merchandise working with a graphic designer to help bring our motivation vision to life. Because it is all about helping individuals, teams, and organizations be the best they can be by unleashing their potential.  Woohoo!

Not bad for a team of 3 people huh? It is amazing what a team can accomplish when they have a clear vision, hold each other accountable, the goals are aligned to the individual strengths and talents of the team members, and enjoy some celebrating along the way. Work can be fun right? Oh yes it can!

It is an exciting time at The Lantern Group and we are grateful to those that have been with us from the beginning and we look forward to those we will be working with in the future.

Come and join us on the adventure as we are inspired by What Motivates You!



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