What Motivates You? is a blog by The Lantern Group. The Lantern Group is a motivational consulting firm that specializes in working closely with their clients to increase the engagement and motivation of their workforce.  Below please see our services and products:

  1. Motivational Workshops – we have a number of custom workshops that help managers be better leaders by helping them understand how to motivate their team.  These powerful and interactive workshops give managers the knowledge, skills and tools to be better motivators and teaches them how to spur their teams to higher productivity.
  2. Manager Motivational Kits – our Motivation Intersect kit provides managers with the knowledge and tools to be better motivators for their teams.  These kits provide a clear process and tools for managers to develop and maintain a motivational culture in their team.
  3. Compensation and Reward Communication – we provide comprehensive communication support for all your compensation and reward programs.  We have communicated over 800 compensation plans to tens of thousands of employees.  Our understanding of motivation allows us to craft communications that engage and motivate employees to achieve their maximum potential.
  4. Team Building Design and Facilitation – we design and deliver  a wide variety of experiential team building sessions that motivate and engage your team.

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