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What are you grateful for?

I occasionally use this blog to write about what I’m grateful for. I’ve found that it helps me keep things in perspective and to keep my attitude positive (even when things might not be going so well).

It would be nice to hear what others are grateful for as well. Take 30-seconds and think about it and then leave a comment. I’m sure we would all appreciate hearing about what your grateful for – particularly with Thanksgiving coming up soon.

Today I Am Grateful For: Flexibility

I often wonder if I could ever go to work for someone again…here’s why:

Right now I can choose when and how I work. I realized how important this flexibility is to me today…I took the day off to take care of my kids. I didn’t need permission. I didn’t need to take a vacation day. I just scheduled it.

I got to spend the day with my two children. Taking my oldest to music class. Walking along the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis and seeing the Mississippi River roaring over St. Anthony Falls. Going to HolyLand Deli and getting hummus and pita bread. Talking about superhero’s.

All of this because I have flexibility in my current position. For that, I’m grateful.

Today I Am Grateful For: Not Being an Ass

So I listened to an audio conference between Jon Morrow and Johnny Truant (two successful bloggers) on tips on how to become an influential blogger…

During the conference call they discussed that the number 1 sin of bloggers is to be boring – and in their minds (to some degree) that meant that you needed to be offensive at times. Jon talked about how he loved to get hate mail as it meant that he was touching a nerve…

Now I learned something from this conference call – that might not have been what they were trying to convey…although it was mentioned.

There is a need to be authentic – Johnny Truant stated that (FYI – he uses a stage name which helps him, he states, be authentic and also allows him to be offensive).

The insight that I got was that my authentic self is not to be an Ass. I realized that I wouldn’t want to increase readership by being controversial or mean or disrespectful…that is not who I am.

Now does that mean I have to be boring…I hope not, but it might. Does that mean that I won’t say something that someone will disagree with me on…no, I will state what I believe, but I’ll say it in a polite way (most of the time).

And I realized that I’m ok with all of that. I don’t have to have the largest readership out there. The people who read this blog should be here because what I say is interesting and helpful – not just because I can be controversial.

Today I Am Grateful For: 9 minutes in the car

Most winter days, I drive my wife into work. Often, I’ve already started on something by the time my wife is ready and she yells up to me in my office “Time to go.” I stop what I’m doing. I go downstairs. I grumble about the hassle of driving. I put on my coat and grab the keys. I drive her in and drop her off.

It takes about 9 minutes for us to make it downtown to her office. That is 20 minutes out of my day.

I can’t think of a better use of 9-minutes. This is our time. We talk about things. We discuss our plans for the day or week or month. We share some gossip. We make some decisions. I tell her to have a good day. She kisses me goodbye.

This 9-minutes each day is ours and I treasure it.

Today I’m Grateful For: Songs

The City of Lakes Rotary Club has a singing group that meets before our Wednesday morning meetings throughout much of the year (we meet at 7:15 AM so they are up and practicing by 6:30 AM – that takes dedication!). Today, they led our program by singing (and getting us to sing) a number of holiday songs.

What a treat!

Songs and singing can bring so much joy and happiness. I love watching my kids as songs are played and they sing along or dance (in the case of my 1 year old who can’t quite sing yet).

I believe that there is a little magic in music that resonates with all of us – and makes us want to sing and dance.

“Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la”

What are you grateful for?

Today I’m Grateful For: My car window being unstuck

There is a sense of justice in the world. As I wrote about yesterday, my car window was stuck open in the middle of winter in Minnesota…and I was grateful that it happened when it did for a number of reasons (see below).

But I’m even more grateful today!

I was on the way to bring the car into the local auto repair shop that is located a couple of miles down the road. I was getting the kids bundled up and the Au Pair ready to take the other car to the shop so that I would have a ride home instead of walking two miles in 18 degree weather.

If you’ve ever tried to get a 1 year old and a 4 year old ready for the snow, you know this is not always easy – so after 10 minutes of haggling, we were ready to go when I realized that the car keys for the 2nd pick-up car were in my wife’s purse with her at work. Ok, unbundle the kids and readjust plan. Now I’ll pick up my wife at the end of the day and we’ll get the 2nd car and drop off the broken window car after that.

Here is the good part…

On the way to pick up my wife, with the plastic taped over the open window, I gave the window button one more try…and to my amazement, up it went!

So I’m grateful that I didn’t have the keys for the 2nd car when I was going to take the broken window car in. I’m grateful that the window miraculously fixed itself. I’m grateful that I saved a few hundred bucks that I am now going to give to charity (Worldbuilders through Patrick Rothfuss’ blog – you should check it out).

All in all – just very grateful!

Today I Am Grateful For: Opportunity

The real motivator for me has always been the opportunity that exists out “there.”  In other words, the possibility of what could be.  Regardless of where or what or who, I am always intrigued and moved by what might be.  I know that today can always be better than yesterday.

Share what your thankful for – click on “leave a comment” below – we’d love to hear from you.

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