January 2014 – Behavior Matters!

Month: January 2014

How our brain tricks us and fills in the gaps

The McGurk effect shows us how conflicting cues from our visual and auditory senses are interpreted by our brain – the result: our brain tricks us.  We know that this is also the case in many optical illusions and in many instances around our behaviors – our mind tricks us.  We think we know what will motivate us, but in reality, we are motivated by a host of things that we either don’t consciously realize or that our brain tricks us into thinking don’t.

We want to be rational but our brains are not really good at being rational.  Instead, they make us believe we are rational when in fact we are responding to emotion.  What is hard about this, is that, even knowing this, we still respond to things emotionally.   The trick, I believe, is to trick your own brain.  If we can figure out a way to trick ourselves – then we can overcome our brains response and achieve what we want.

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