May 2010 – Behavior Matters!

Month: May 2010

Micromanage – a short how to guide

Just too funny!  Great link to see a short video on how you too can become a great micro-manager…

Buying Local Fulfills the Drive to Bond & Belong


A couple of weeks ago a day of celebration occurred at my house,  it was my Birthday which actually goes for more than one day it turns into a week of celebrating with friends and family. 

As I went about celebrating my Birthday, I enjoyed my FREE Birthday gifts from a couple of businesses.  The search for the FREE Birthday gift has become somewhat of a tradition and badge of honor to see what you can ‘rake’ in for FREE on your Birthday amongst my family members.   I have no problem walking into a place of business and proclaiming that ‘today is my Birthday’ which implies that I would like to be treated extra special during my visit.  A few of you may completely understand this line of behavior while others are probably thinking wow she is really off her rocker.  Regardless of what line of thought you align with the fact remains that I have high expectations for my business interactions on my Birthday. 

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The Laws of Motivation

Richard Denny has a great slideshare on what he sees as the Laws of Motivation…some interesting stuff here and I agree with most of it.  Take a look.

However I do have some comments on these “Laws”…

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3 tips to increase the Drive to Bond & Belong

The 4-Drive Model of Employee Motivation’s second drive is the drive to Bond & Belong.  The drive is defined by our innate desire to form “close, positive relationships” with people around us.  The image of the lone wolf going it alone or the inventor holed up in his workshop are atypical – most people want to bond with others and feel they belong to a group.  Here are three tips to increase the B Drive: 

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4-Drives: A simple story about how one manager got motivation right!

This was our most viewed slideshare presentation with over 14,000 views – I’ve now turned it into a 4-minute youtube video….with music and everything.  Hope you enjoy and please forward on to anyone you think would benefit from watching.

How to Get Employee Motivation Right!

Oak Ridge Hotel and Conference Center get’s motivation – it isn’t about a single program or special one day events…it is about creating a culture that engages and motivates.  Here is a short video that highlights some of what we found out when we talked with them and asked them…”What Motivates You?”

The 4-Drives and Motivation at Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center

A few weeks ago Susan and I spent the day interviewing 11 employees at Oak Ridge Hotel & Conference Center  in Chaska, MN (see Oak Ridge Part 1 here).  We had observed that Oak Ridge had “gotten the formula right on employee motivation” and wanted to probe more to find out how.  From our original findings, we highlighted five things that stood out: 1) leadership counts, 2) It is not about the money, 3) It is about the team, 4) Genuine recognition rejuvenates and 5) It is all about appreciating people.  I’m taking a different approach this time, looking at it from the 4-Drive Model and seeing how each of the drives showed up in the 11 interviews.

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